Top tips for a cleaner office this spring

Author: Ben Gowman

It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to spring cleaning and fresh starts so if you are thinking about sprucing up your office space in time for the summer, then have a look at our top 10 ways to clean your office building.

Clean the windows on the inside and the outside

While building windows might be regularly cleaned on the outside, how often are the insides actually cleaned? If your building has a lot of glass you might need a professional to do this for you, or if not, just make time to give the inside windows a clean to improve the view for your entire workforce.

Clean up the car park and outside the building

While your building is being regularly cleaned, how often does the car park and outside area get a look-in? With visitors and clients judging the company on their first impression, it’s important to keep your car park and building exterior in good, clean condition.

Clear out all fridges and freezers

There is nothing worse than food being left in a fridge for months on end, turning green and starting to make the kitchen smell. Set a date to clear out everything from all fridges and freezers so they can be turned off and thoroughly cleaned before the staff comes back in on the Monday. You will need to give everyone enough notice to clear out their food stuffs.

Declutter the desks

Some companies have a clear desk policy but if that’s not the case, set aside an afternoon for staff to clear their desks of all old paperwork, and also have a look around the whole office. Take the time to get rid of old boxes of paperwork that are no longer needed and use a shredder to make sure nothing confidential is placed in the general waste.

Get the carpets professionally cleaned

While office carpets should be vacuum-cleaned regularly, this time of year is the perfect time to book a professional carpet cleaning, to get rid of all that ground-in dirt, particularly in high footfall areas of the building.

Don’t forget the building – guttering and fascia clean

Spring is the perfect time to get the outside of the building clear of all the debris and leaves left over from the winter. Get all the guttering and fascia cleaned and cleared out in the spring and then when the rain comes back in the autumn, the building won’t face potential damage from the rainwater.

Cleaning the kitchen

As well as clearing out the fridge and freezer, it’s a great time to book a deep clean for communal kitchen areas to ensure they meet all hygiene requirements and are left germ-free for the staff to use.

Bathrooms and toilet areas

These areas should be being cleaned on a daily basis but if you are spring cleaning the office it’s a great time to make sure the bathroom and toilet areas are spotless. Refill the soap dispensers and replace paper towels. Make sure there are plenty of items like toilet rolls and air fresheners in the stock cupboard.

Cleaning all the floors

Hardwood or other types of floors are also going to suffer from a build-up of dirt and debris over time, in a commercial building so spring is the perfect time to think about getting the floors cleaned and resealed, to protect them for the future.

Cleaning all the crockery

While the kitchen is being deep-cleaned it’s the perfect time to take all of the communal crockery, cups, mugs, plates and knives and forks and give them really good thorough wash, preferably through a dishwasher, ready to be put back into the sparkling new kitchen afterwards.

Spring is a great time to spring clean, whether it’s your house, your office block or a huge factory building. If you need any help with cleaning requirements then why not get in touch with our cleaning experts today?

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