The importance of cleaning office windows regularly

Author: Ben Gowman

When you think of the areas to keep clean in your office or work environment, chances are windows are not on the top of your list. Although they may not seem as much of a priority to keep as clean as other areas, we’ve got a few key reasons why your windows shouldn’t be ignored.

First impressions

It’s true what they say; first impressions really do count. When someone comes into your place of business you want to have a positive impact on them, and if your windows are dirty and looking unloved it won’t set the bar very high for what they might find inside. Your visitors may be investors, customers or candidates, but whoever they are you certainly don’t want to put them off before they’ve even set foot inside the building.


Then we come to your employees. They know your business far better and are beyond first impressions, but if the environment they work in isn’t well looked after, they could feel like they aren’t either. If your employees have to spend their days in dark and dimly lit rooms it can have a negative effect on their wellbeing, whereas a well maintained work space that is bright and well ventilated can boost productivity and morale.

Repair & Replacement

Over time, if your windows are left uncleaned dirt and grime will build up, and as well as being unsightly, this can lead to bacteria too. It can begin to smell unpleasant, and if people come into contact with the dirt it could make them unwell. There’s also a risk to the windows themselves if they aren’t cleaned regularly, and they could need repair or replacement more quickly than if they are well looked after.

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