Summer holidays – a great time for a school spring clean

Author: Ben Gowman

School’s out for summer! Weeks and weeks stretch ahead, ready for children and their teachers to rest and recharge. Can the same be said for the school itself?

School Cleaning

Summer holidays are an ideal time to undertake school cleaning, when all the classrooms and offices are empty and free of disruption. During term time these are exceptionally busy places, with floors and surfaces subject to heavy and repeated use. Keeping all areas clean is vital, but it’s tough when they’re in constant use. 

Better productivity

Schools are the same as any working environment, a clean space enables better productivity and a more positive mindset. A lot of time is spent in school by students and teachers alike, and of course, you want those hours to be free from the distraction of dirty rooms, desks or hallways.

Under the desks and chairs

There are many different areas where attention is required to keep a clean and healthy school. We might think of carpets and floors, toilets and changing rooms, but a deep clean will get into every part of the school, including windows, cooking areas, and under the desks and chairs (these are breeding grounds for old chewing gum!).

Fresh start

Left untouched all summer a school will collect dust and grime, which also poses a health risk as bacteria and germs can grow and spread. Just as the shops will soon be full of new uniforms, notebooks and pencil cases ready for children to prepare for a fresh start in September, you can also prepare the school by making it look and feel clean ahead of the new academic year. 

We think you’ll agree, the summer holidays are a prime opportunity for schools and colleges to bring in the experts for a deep clean. The Eclipse team will make sure that whatever the size or style of your school, you can be confident it will look it’s best in time for September.  For more information or to obtain a quote, call us today on 02380 669933.

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