Start the New Year with a deep clean for your office

Author: Ben Gowman

January is the perfect time to book a deep clean for your office premises – that time after Christmas but before all the staff come back to work full-time provides the perfect gap to bring in the professionals and start the New Year with a healthy work environment.

A deep clean at this time of year means the cleaning crew can access all areas of the office without any interruption to them, or the running of the office, giving them the freedom to tackle all of the bigger cleaning jobs much more easily.

Even though you have regular cleans through the year, the winter is when people bring in more mud and dirt on their feet and more germs and bacteria are spread, not to mention more food is left lying around the office, so starting the New Year with a deep clean will ensure everything is hygienic for when the staff come back to work.

Here are some of the key areas a New Year deep clean should cover:

Office flooring

Office flooring, whether it’s wooden or carpets, get a lot of footfall during the year so now is a great time to have all the flooring professionally cleaned so it will be restored to its former glory in time to greet new clients and the staff ready for a fresh new start to 2019.

Windows – both internal and external

However many floors your office building has you can guarantee the windows will be dirty from traffic pollution, the weather and the inside of the glass can get coated with finger prints and marks so organise a deep clean which includes all of the windows, both inside and out, to help improve the first impression of your company.

Office ceiling

This might sound like a strange area but the ceilings are often overlooked but dust and debris do rise and cobwebs can gather in corners, so having a deep clean of the ceiling will make a surprising difference to the office environment and how it feels as a work space.

Office furniture

One of the key elements in an office which don’t get cleaned regularly are the office chairs, sofas and other furniture so book a deep clean to include all your soft upholstery as well, for a totally fresh approach to office life when the staff return from the holiday.

Kitchen areas

A deep clean of the kitchen will include all the hard to reach areas such as ventilation and filtration systems to ensure there is no build-up of debris or fats which could become a fire risk as well as unhygienic.


A deep clean will ensure any germs and bacteria which may have been harbouring in the bathroom area over Christmas while the office was closed, will be cleared out and destroyed, leaving the facilities fresh and hygienic.

Having a deep clean at the start of the year means your office building will be fresh and hygienic, creating a pleasant environment for staff to return to after the holidays and will help to support them to stay healthy in the cold months ahead.

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