Preparing for a corporate spring clean

Author: Ben Gowman

This time of year thoughts often turn to new beginnings and fresh starts as spring starts the beginning of a brand new season. While we often associate spring-cleaning with clearing up our homes, why not apply the same principle of a fresh and healthy start to the new season for our workplaces?

Preparing for a corporate spring clean can give everyone an opportunity to work together, to clear out old and un-needed paperwork and to reinvigorate the office with a fresh start. Here are our tips for a successful corporate spring clean:

1. Start with the paperwork

Despite the digital era many offices are still hoarding places for all kinds of paperwork from old memos, magazines, and files full of old items we keep “just in case” we might get asked about them one day.

A corporate spring clean can be as much about clearing out the old and unneeded files as it is about physically cleaning the office. Clearing out clutter and junk can change the way an office feels and improve the working environment.

If you do have to keep old paperwork then file it in archive boxes and store these somewhere out of the way rather than having it all cluttering the office.

2. Declutter staff computers

As well as clearing out old physical notes, give your staff some dedicated time to clear old files off their computers as well – it can be so easy to end up with hundreds of icons on the desk top and lots of files which have been completed. Offer a computer archiving option so they can clear out anything they don’t need.

Having a clear computer and potentially making it run better as well, can help to focus workers and create a new start and storage space for new projects to work on.

3. Clean the whole office space

Have a clear desk day where staff clear everything off their desks before they leave and book a thorough office clean with a professional cleaning company – make sure everything is included such as the desk surfaces, telephones, computer keyboards, and all office surfaces and door handles.

This will provide all staff with a clean and hygienic start to the spring season and will help to wipe out any lingering bacteria or viruses from the winter cold and flu season helping everyone to stay healthy.

4. Provide adequate cleaning products year round

As an office space make sure you provide sufficient cleaning and hygiene products for staff including anti-bacterial wipes for desks and computer keyboards, soap dispensers and hand driers and items such as washing up liquid for cleaning cups and other utensils. It’s important that staff feel their health is being taken seriously.

5. Organise a professional floor clean

One of the areas that can get overlooked during an office clean is the flooring yet it can suffer and become dirty and unhygienic, particularly in large footfall areas so it’s worth booking a professional cleaning company to come in when the office is closed and provide a thorough deep floor clean for all carpets and other flooring areas within the block.

If you are planning to organise a spring office clean then please do give us a call at Eclipse Cleaning and we can discuss how our professional cleaners can support your business.

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