Creating a great impression on clients and visitors

Author: Ben Gowman

Whether you operate out of an office block, a warehouse or an industrial unit, you only get one chance for your business to make a good first impression on clients and visitors to your premises.

This is why it’s vital to have the external features of your building regularly cleaned and maintained as well as the inside – and it’s not just about employing the services of a regular window cleaner.

Walk-in trade

If you hope to attract walk-in customers off the street then the outside of your building could be make or break. If your building is dirty, unkempt and poorly looked after, it creates the impression that you don’t care and customers will think you might not care about them either. Having an office block with litter and cigarettes outside the front door are quick and easy ways to turn people off your business.  

Caring for the car park

If you are lucky enough to have car parking facilities then this should be a positive feature of your business for both clients and visitors as it makes it much easier to come to your company than your competitor potentially.

That’s why it’s vital to keep your car park free of litter, graffiti and any other maintenance issues. Having it regularly cleaned by a professional company will help to keep your car park a positive experience rather than one which puts people off.

Your premises represent your brand

It’s no good having amazing marketing on your website and with leaflets and brochures, if people turn up to your business premises to be confronted with a shabby office with signage that doesn’t match the current branding.

Make sure your premises are helping to represent your brand in a positive light at all times as they are as much a part of your marketing strategy for visitors and new clients as anything else you are having produced.

Check out your building

Does your paintwork need a good clean to get rid of traffic and exhaust fume stains? Do the gutters need cleaning out or the signs need a good clean? All of these things are elements which can be undertaken by a professional cleaning company and can make a big difference to the impression people have of your company.

Keeping grounds clean and clear of litter and debris, having the building regularly cleaned as well as the windows, can create a far more professional and favourable impression on visitors than you might realise – and it’s an easy win.

Check your reception area

While the first impression will be on seeing your building, the interior will also have an impact on visitors so make sure your reception area is regularly cleaned too. The flooring at the building entrance will see a lot of footfall so make sure the floor is well cleaned and looked after regularly, to avoid it becoming scuffed, stained and scruffy.

It takes a lot of effort to keep your premises looking spotless but it’s worth it to create that positive first impression for people coming to visit so why not call the cleaning experts at Eclipse today to find out how we can help to keep your business looking great.

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