How to choose a professional cleaning firm

Author: Ben Gowman

As a business owner you have a duty and an obligation to provide a clean and hygienic working environment for your staff and no doubt this will include choosing a cleaning firm to come in regularly to your premises. But how do you know which firm is right for you?

There are some key considerations to think about when you are choosing a professional cleaning firm to make sure they are the right fit for your business – here are a few of them:

1. Understand what your cleaning needs are

You need an understanding of what your own expectations are before you start approaching firms – think about the areas which will need cleaning daily, weekly, monthly and annually. You also need to consider any specialist cleaning requirements such as high level windows or specialist equipment cleaning needs as this will have an impact on the firm you select.

2. Word of mouth references

Talk to companies which are similar to yours and ask which cleaners they use – ask around neighbouring businesses as well to see who they would recommend. It’s always good to get recommendations from people who have actually used the company you are thinking about.

3. Check out online reviews

Once you have a couple of cleaning companies which have been recommended, have a look online to see what kind of reviews/comments they are getting on social media and review sites like Trustpilot.

4. Do your research

Make sure you do your research on the companies you are considering – check out their website to make sure they offer all the services you require and if they offer the chance to talk to one of their experts then take this up and have a call with them. You can then assess how helpful they are and what their communication and response times are like as well as finding out more about what they offer.

5. Find out their costs

When you have the call, ask about costs so that you can compare the companies you are considering. Get them all to send you a quote for what you require so that you can see who offers the best value for money as well as the best service provision.

6. Assess their communication

While you are having calls and getting quotes from them all, make sure their communication is up to scratch and that they deliver when they say they will. The customer service is as much a part of choosing the firm as the services they can offer to you.

7. Ask them about their recruitment processes

You need to be able to build trust with the cleaners who will be coming to work in your building so ask lots of questions about the recruitment process to make sure all the cleaners are fully vetted and trained.

8. Check the quality of the work

Once you have chosen your cleaning company you should schedule cleaning sessions and then make sure you assess the quality of the work carried out to confirm that you are happy to continue with the company. Have a checklist of areas you want the cleaners to focus on that you can check against afterwards to make sure you are happy with it.

These tips should help you to choose your next professional cleaning company for your business premises but if you’d like to talk to our experts here at Eclipse Cleaning please do give us a call today.

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