Five key things to expect from your cleaning company

Author: Ben Gowman

Employing a professional cleaning company may seem like a straightforward decision for you and your business; you want a clean and welcoming environment for your team to work in and for your clients to visit. But how do you know which one to choose? We’ve compiled our five key things to expect from your cleaning company, to make sure you are getting a good service that’s value for money.

1. Credibility

A company’s reputation will be able to show you very quickly if they are worth considering. Happy clients and relevant experience are great indicators of performance, and a cleaning company has a long history, it’s a good sign too. Check them out online or speak to current or previous clients to help you decide if they are right for you. 

2. Products

Many cleaning products on the market contain a mix of harsh chemicals that can damage your work surfaces or give off strong odours that are unpleasant to work around. The type of products a professional cleaner uses can tell you something about them – if they use more gentle or eco-friendly products, they are taking extra care of your workspace and your colleagues, as well as the environment. 

3. Reliability

A reliable service is important for you and your business. You would expect this from your cleaning company. You need to know if the staff come at regular times, how they maintain the security of your building, if they have a set cleaning schedule so you know what to expect, and what standards they work to for cleaning different areas. Asking about these things will give you peace of mind and confidence in the company.

4. Certification

A decent cleaning company will easily be able to explain how they keep their standards high. Relevant insurances, working to health and safety regulations and providing regular and thorough training for their staff are all excellent indicators of a company that takes pride in delivering an excellent service. 

5. Communication

Whatever the service, you need to ensure you have strong lines of communication with your cleaning company so that you can ask questions and raise any concerns with ease. How does the provider manage customer services? Are any issues addressed and rectified quickly? And can you make changes if your requirements evolve over time? These are all important questions to ask so that you can be confident about the service you are paying for. We are pleased to say our clients have been very happy with all these aspects as you can see within our testimonials.

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