Five areas where germs can lurk in your office

Author: Ben Gowman

We know it’s not nice to think about, but just because you can’t see dirt, it doesn’t mean germs aren’t lurking - and this is true in your office as much as your home.  Here are five key areas where germs could be hiding in your workplace.


Even if your staff take a break from their desks at lunchtime, chances are they still like to snack throughout the day, and keyboards are a magnet for crumbs, dust and debris – because you can’t see it hiding under the keys! Keyboards and desks in general are hotspot areas for germs, and researchers from the University of Arizona have found that up to 400 times more bacteria is found on the average desktop than on the average toilet seat!


Phones are another regular offender in offices, but can get overlooked. They are touched by many hands and held so close to people’s mouths that they can harbour nasties without you even knowing.

Door handles

Most, if not all, of the people passing through the doors in your workplace will touch the handles or plates, and there is no way to know if all of those people have clean hands. Even with regular cleaning it’s likely there is still bacteria just waiting to be touched and shared on a daily basis.


Office fridges tend to get a little less looking after than those in our own homes because they are used by so many different people, and that means spills or forgotten food could be left unattended for long periods. Even at cold temperatures germs can still hang around so it’s important not to forget to check your fridge regularly. And that leads us onto…


The whole kitchen is a high traffic area, for people and germs! Carrying out a full clean every day is key in such a busy food preparation space for keeping germs at bay. That includes the hidden spots, such as behind storage jars, toasters and kettles, and any areas people might touch, such as cupboard or fridge door handles.

Office cleaning is an important way to help keep your teams healthy and maintain a pleasant work environment. If you’re looking for a professional and experienced cleaning company Eclipse Cleaning would be happy to help.

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