About Us

Eclipse Cleaning has been cleaning premises across the Hampshire region for the past 30 years and has built up the experience to offer a number of specialist services including cleaning at heights.

Over the past three decades the team has tackled an enormous variety of cleaning jobs, from vacuuming dust out of a huge air conditioning space under a building, to pressure washing a giant multi-storey car park from top to bottom.

Whatever job we are working on, we will always have health and safety as a top priority and we ensure all our staff are fully trained and up to date with all relevant legislation to enable them to operate safely at all times.

The team at Eclipse Cleaning has an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience to help you with all of your cleaning needs.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help?

If you would like to speak to one of our cleaning experts to find out how we can help with your cleaning requirements, please do get in touch with us today. Simply call us on 023 8066 9933 or click the ‘Get in touch’ button alongside.