6 things you never knew about cleaning carpets

Author: Ben Gowman

Cleaning carpets effectively not only helps them to continue looking pristine – whether in your home or in your office – but can also add years to the lifespan and prevent unsightly wear and tear on your soft floorings.

But not all carpet cleaning is the same. If you are looking after carpets within a workplace, the chances are they will be industrial quality and hard-wearing, however, with a far greater footfall than in a household and the potential to be subject to spills and stains.

When you are trying to impress clients and entertain prospective customers, a dirty, worn carpet in the office or factory can create a negative impression of the company, making it look like you don’t care, leading to the presumption that you won’t care about your work either. First impressions do count in business.

If it’s a home carpet you are looking after then you want to get your money’s worth and be safe in the knowledge that your family are living in a healthy and clean environment without having to replace carpets every year.

Here are six things you didn’t know about cleaning carpets, which can help you look after your own soft flooring better:

1. Dust can damage carpet fibres

Regular vacuuming is not just for your family’s health and to make your house look clean. If you leave dust and dirt to build up on your carpets over time, it becomes embedded and can actually damage the carpet fibre.

Regular vacuuming helps to remove dirt and debris and should be carried out at least once a week, particularly in a household with pets and children, or in a high footfall office or commercial building, to help make carpets last longer.

2. Don’t rub stains

If there is a spill on carpet, don’t ever rub it with a cloth as it simply spreads the stain to a wider area. Blot the spill using a cloth to soak up as much as possible. Rubbing the carpet will make the stain harder to remove in the end.

3. Make your own stain remover

Avoid using supermarket-bought stain remover. Either buy one from a professional cleaning company or you can make your own, which will work effectively without damaging your carpet, using ingredients such as white vinegar and baking powder.

4. Don’t over wash carpets

If you decided to clean carpets using a cleaning machine, make sure you don’t over-wet the flooring as it is difficult to fully dry a carpet. If it becomes saturated with too much water it can shrink and can also become mouldy underneath, leading to carpet damage and unpleasant smells.

5. Use a carpet protector

Carpet protector is ideal to use in high traffic areas such as receptions and hallways. It helps to protect the floor against spills and makes any stains much easier to lift. It also prevents dust and debris from getting too deep into the fibres to cause damage.

6. Get your carpets cleaned professionally regularly

You shouldn’t leave it more than 18 months between professional cleans for any carpet, to ensure they are free from dust, dirt and allergens. This type of regular cleaning will also help to preserve your carpets for longer, extending their life.

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