5 tips to stop your car park becoming an eye sore

Author: Ben Gowman

Arriving at your corporate car park creates a first impression on your clients and customers so it’s really important to keep it in good repair and clean and clear of rubbish and litter. If your car park looks unkempt your clients or customers will remember your premises for all the wrong reasons. Here are five tips you can follow to keep your car park and clean and stop it becoming an eye sore:

Remove any debris build-up

Not only will removing debris help to create a neat, clean car park which gives a good impression, it will also help keep your car park safer and make the surface last longer.

Debris like leaves and dirt, can build up on the car park surface, making it harder for rainwater to drain away. This results in puddles and pools of water which can then damage your car park surface, causing cracks and holes.

Holes and cracks then make your car park dangerous and a risk to any cars which come into it, potentially causing you costly problems if a car were to get damaged.

Make sure you regularly sweep your car park and get a professional clean carried out by a company like Eclipse Cleaning Services to remove dirt and debris from the surface.

Keep all the drains cleared

This links to the first point – keep your drains around the car park clear and free of debris build-up to enable any rain water to drain easily away from the surface of your car park and avoid the potential damage which water build-up could cause.

Repair any holes or cracks

If weeds start to grow through your car park surface, make sure you remove them as they can cause larger cracks and damage. As soon as you notice any cracks or holes appearing, make sure to get them fixed and prevent people parking in those areas until the repairs have been completed.

If the cracks are really large make sure you seal the surface after the repair to prevent it re-cracking again. Ideally your car park surface should be re-sealed every few years to help protect it and prevent damage.

Fresh coat of paint

Nothing looks nicer than a freshly painted car park with clearly marked parking spaces. It creates a great first impression and enables visitors and clients to park easily and without hassle which is always a good start to a visit.

Invest in a regular car park clean up

Whether you have a small flat car park or operate a large multi-storey, it’s worth investing in a deep clean for your car park to remove any build up from car fumes and dirt, as well as graffiti and litter. A deep clean can make a huge difference, particularly to a large car park which doesn’t get much attention generally. A specialist car park cleaning company like Eclipse Cleaning Services can restore your car park back to its former glory and help to continue impressing your customers and visitors.

Keeping your car park in good order not only creates a better impression but it is vital for customer and staff safety as well as reducing the likelihood of having to pay out for costly car park repair bills due to water damage. If you’d like to speak to our car park cleaning experts, give us a call today to see if we can help with your needs.

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