5 Christmas office hygiene tips to avoid food poisoning

Author: Ben Gowman

This festive time of year sees all kinds of treats being brought into the office as well as plans for staff and office parties – but unfortunately it’s also the season of sickness and bugs so if you want to enjoy the good times and avoid the downside, follow our five simple food safety tips:

Left overs

With people bringing in mince pies, or sharing sandwiches which weren’t eaten at a meeting in the morning, there can be food left lying around on desks in offices for days. Unfortunately, food left lying around in warm rooms for days is the perfect way to harbour bacteria which can lead to food poisoning.

Food shouldn’t be left out for more than two hours – it should be wrapped and stored in the fridge and discarded within 1 – 2 days – this applies to cooked or freshly prepared food. Items like chocolates or biscuits should be stored in airtight containers.

Eating out

The Christmas office party is an event which everyone looks forward to all year so the last thing you want is to take everyone somewhere which results in a food poisoning outbreak. Check your venue out in person before you book and read reviews online to make sure there have been no complaints recently. Also look for any awards which have been won recently as a sign of quality.

Organising the fridge

This time of year is the perfect time to give the office fridge a clear-out and thorough clean so clear out anything that is out of date or clearly on the turn, and have the fridge professionally cleaned by your cleaning crew.

Anti-bacterial wipes

Desks, phones and computers are prime areas for bacteria to harbour as many cleaning companies don’t clean these areas so provide your staff with anti-bacterial wipes so they can keep their own work area clean and free from germs. That way, if one person comes down with food poisoning, the bugs won’t spread around the office.

Increase office cleaning routine

The best way to prevent the spread of bugs which cause food poisoning is to ensure that your office kitchen area is completely hygienic so this time of year is a great time to increase your regular office cleaning routine.

If a staff member with food poisoning comes into the office, a deep clean is the only way to ensure all bugs are destroyed to prevent other staff from becoming sick as well so talk to a professional cleaning company like Eclipse today to keep your staff healthy this winter.

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